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Zombie Newsroom is a fast-paced Zom-Com, a satirical indictment of television news written with laser precision by a veteran insider. With the verve of Network, the gore of Zombieland, and the humor of the Harold & Kumar films, Zombie Newsroom exposes the hollow world of KWLF, the Los Angeles affiliate of the nation’s largest TV network. The film opens as the gun-slinging news director is defiantly hiring a smart new blonde during an era of increased cutbacks. But the suits in New York who run the show are plotting an unhostile takeover, turning diva anchors into docile puppets with the help of a Haitian potion and tanning beds. Once the anchors are “zombified,” the suits won’t have to battle their employees over pay increases, overtime or script content. But a weathered meteorologist Manny Greenberg, the new blonde Sunny and a sports anchor Aziz, who just transferred in from Miami, refuse to imbibe or tan, and become suspicious of KWLF management’s push for the potion and sunkissed kissers. Anything free from the notoriously cheap station is suspect. As corpses start piling up at KWLF’s Miami affiliate, an anonymous insider sends Sunny video of the face-eating attacks and she finds herself the lead reporter on the nation’s biggest story. But once the stiffs start showing up in L.A., Sunny, Manny and Aziz realize they have to band together with machete wielding union members to save the city, and possibly the world, from zombie anchors.

The multi-culti cast offers great roles for Latino, African American, Caucasian and Arabic actors, and it’s a consummate L.A. story, with the city itself a lead character.